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What separates Nature's Way Feed, Inc. from other feed companies is that we focus solely on individual health issues and needs rather than mass production. Our founder, Jordan Proctor, is truly passionate about animal nutrition, their overall health and welfare, and has been creating custom feeds for livestock for over 8 years.    Her standards of using only the finest, organic and cruelty free ingredients are extremely high, and we will not put any ingredient in the feed that is detrimental to animals or humans.  Nature's Way Feed, Inc. will not sacrifice animal health for production, nor use substandard ingredients like most companies do that forces them to add chemical vitamins to bring the feed up to proper nutritional levels. 

We pride ourselves on high quality organic & non-gmo grains and ingredients. We do not add fillers, chemicals of any kind, additives or unnatural preservatives. "It's not only what we put in our feeds, it's more what we don't!” is our motto, and we truly believe in ‘wholistic’ nutrition – feed the body right and it will heal itself.   We are advocates of humane practices.

If you truly want to make a difference in the health of your horses and livestock, contact us and start them on the right path "Nature's Way"!


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