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THT Bloodstock has partnered with Equi-Naturals® by Nature's Way Feed, Inc.

Bringing you a special blend of Organic Performance Feeds developed for THT Bloodstock Clients,
available to everyone

"When you nuture the horse, you develop the athlete." ~Kerry M. Thomas, Behavioral Genetic Research & Founder of THT Bloodstock 

Wholistic equine nutrition that supercedes anything else on the market today. 

Unique ingredients from Mother Nature, backed by research, formulated to help the performance sport equine give their absolute best and support their high demand of maintaining health for longevity and nutritional needs.  

Organic complete feeds, using premium organic grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, vitamins & minerals.
Formulated to fuel for stamina, endurance, energy, muscle performance, aerobic performance, and recovery.  

equestrian performance horse feed

THT Optimum Organic Performance Blends performance horse feed

THT Optimum Performance Racing Blend 14-10


Premium organic feed formulated especially for racehorses to meet their high energy needs, increase stamina and endurance,  and avoid tying up issues.  High digestible fiber, low starch, highly digestible fat and high-quality protein sources for growing and young adult performance racing horses. Premium organic grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables to support stamina, endurance, energy, muscle performance and recovery. Proprietary blend of ingredients packed with antioxidants, promoting blood and oxygen flow to muscles.  All racing blends include Papaya to guard against stomach ulcers and excess acid, encourage thickening of the horse's natural stomach lining, giving damaged tissues a chance to heal and help prevent new ulcers.  

THT Optimum Performance Dressage Blend 12-10


   Premium organic feed formulated especially for horses in Dressage work.   This proprietary blend uses premium organic nutrients for stamina and to fuel endurance work, aerobic performance, and focus, as well as to maintain muscle mass and body condition without putting on excess pounds.  In addition to premium organic grains, legumes, and vegetables, THT Optimum also includes unique ingredients like Organic Orange peel for electrolyte recovery.  Not willing to compromise in any aspect, we use only the highest quality protein sources for muscles, vitamins and minerals for metabolism and to support immune system as they endure high stress environments inherent in training, competition and travel.   

THT Optimum Performance Sport Horse Blend 14-10


 Premium organic feed formulated for cross-country, jumping, endurance and all sport horse activities.  Premium organic nutrients for stamina and to fuel endurance work, aerobic performance, and recovery.  Unique ingredients like pineapple to support the muscles after exercise and promote a healthy inflammatory response.  

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