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Customer Testimonials

"Why Nature's Way Feed, Inc.?  Because when you nuture the horse, you develop the athlete." ~Kerry M. Thomas, Behavioral Genetic Research & Founder of THT Bloodstock

"My experience with Equi-Naturals by Nature's Way Custom Feed has been a great one!  Our 5 year old TB/Cross mare had always been  a very easy keeper, she stayed in good flesh on a cup of grain per feeding, but she had some behavioral issues, poor feet and a dull coat.  The first course of action was to run a hair analysis with the experts at Equi-Naturals to determine where the mineral and vitamin deficiencies were.  Based on those findings we were able to determine the correct custom feed.  With slow integration into her diet and after a couple of months, she began to behave less mare-ish, accept work with a better ethic, her coat began to shine and our farrier even commented on how much better her feet were to work with.  She is now thriving!  I can't begin to express how much this experience showed me the importance of proper nutrition for our horses and how Equi-Naturals made this possible.  Shipment is always on time, product always fresh and the folks at Equi-Naturals are always accesible to us should we have any questions or concerns.  Equi-Naturals by Nature's Way Feed, Inc. is truly a top notch product for any farm and I highly recommend it for all barns."  ~Jack Louth, Deputy General Manager, Cedar View Farm, LLC

"This company goes above and beyond if you have any special needs, they will work to find a solution for you.  They did for me.  Thanks Jordan!" ~Amy K.

"Run with the true dedication and passion their customers have come to depend on.  Jordan is a credit to her local community." ~Richard W.  

"Our horse has shown marked improvement in performance since being on Equi-Naturals Performance Feed by Nature's Way.  Jordan really knows her stuff!" ~K Racing Stars

"Wonderful company and products! Our cattle have never been healthier since being on the Agri-Naturals cattle feed! Highly recommend this company and Jordan has gone above and beyond in helping us with our cattle's health and nutrition needs."  ~Terri S.

"Excellent customer service.  The products are by far top notch quality and proven results.  I am a huge fan and will be for life!" ~Stephanie B.

"Love your business practices and generosity of your heart in truly caring about the Horse!" ~Five Sails

"Met Jordan years ago, she helped create a unique blend of feed for a unique issue my horse had!  She went above and beyond and has always given 110%! THANKS!" ~Rhonda S.

"Really like what this company does for the environment and their passion for animal health!" ~Suzanne

"This company is the wave of the future.  What they are doing is the best thing for the animals and the owners both!" ~Dr. Kurt V.

"This business truly cares for the animals by trying to provide the best possible nutrients for their needs.  What a great benefit they provide us animal owners by offering natural feeds instead of the highly processed ones we often find in the stores." ~Colleen S.

"The company cares about the environment, the animals and their best interest, and educating us in how to take the best care of them." ~Sandy M.

"Her products are brilliant! She takes care of her customers and goes the extra mile! Super business!" ~Bec S.

"She has been doing amazing with so much more energy sense we started your feed!" -Bethany, Barrel Racer